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Family photo of Fr Chuck

Sunday, 20 December

Fr Chuck’s niece Jo Anne finally got word from a nurse at the hospital today. They are very overwhelmed. The nurse told her she was calling during her work break.
Chuck is still in ICU but he is doing better. “He is out of danger” for the moment. He still has confusion since coming out of the coma. They expect he will remain in ICU for a few more days or so. The sooner he can get out of that unit and get home to the Jesuit infirmary, the better.
That is the focus of my prayers for him right now.

Tuesday, 15 December

The report from the hospital today is not good. There had been a plan to transfer Fr Chuck from the hospital to the Jesuit infirmary yesterday. However that plan was interrupted yesterday by concerns that his heart rhythm was too unstable. Today he has fallen into a coma caused by a thyroid malfunction. His organ functions are slowing down.
May God hold him in the palm of His hand.

 Friday 11 December, 3pm

The hospital reports that Chuck’s condition is greatly improved. He is being moved from ICU into another bed. However, I have been unable to speak to him directly. I hope to talk to him tomorrow.

Wednesday, 9 December, 9pm

Reports from the hospital the last two days are nearly identical – Fr Chuck is continuing to improve, and he is requiring less oxygen. Thanks be to God!

Monday, 7 December, 3pm

The hospital reports today that Chuck is still receiving high-flow oxygen but his blood-oxygen level is still low. He is also running a fever.
Following on the lift we had yesterday with the news of some improvement in his condition, this may seem like a let down. It is a reminder to us that of course Fr Chuck is not out of the woods. His struggle is ongoing, as is our desire to give him support and encouragement in the best way we can. For most of us that means pouring our hearts into our prayers for him.
Some have asked about other possible means to communicate their love to him, for example to be allowed to visit him by phone or other means in order to sing for him and pray in his presence. Unfortunately the Covid protocols in place at the hospital do not allow for visitors, and the hospital staffs are presently under stress with patient loads which have them extremely over extended. This is the case especially in the ICU where Chuck is being treated. All of their energies are being directed to providing the best possible medical care for him and for others. It is unreasonable to ask them for more at this point.
As long as he remains in the ICU we are restricted by the protocols in place to guard and protect him. For now the best and only means of communicating with Chuck is to send cards and letters to his Jesuit residence where they will be held for him until it is safe and reasonable for him to receive them.
Once again, here is the best address to direct cards and letters to him:
Fr Chuck Peterson, SJ
Sacred Heart Jesuit Center
PO Box 128
Los Gatos, CA 95031-0128
God of all kindness and mercies, sustain him, we pray.

Sunday, 6 December, 3pm

We received some positive news about Chuck today. The hospital reports that he is breathing a little more naturally and he is beginning to respond to verbal stimuli. Both of those indicators are improvements in his condition of the last couple of days. Thanks be to God.

Saturday, 5 December, 12pm:

No News.

Last night there was palpable disappointment shared among those who are united in prayer and hope for Fr Chuck’s recovery when the news came that he was declining and that he would not accept being on a ventilator.

However this morning there seems to be no significant change in his condition. All of us remain virtually linked by the arms of our steadfast prayers for his return to health.

May the merciful God sustain us.

Thursday, 3 December, 12pm:

News Bulletin / Mailing Address

Holding Steady. That’s the official word on Chuck’s condition this morning. We understand that the medications he is receiving typically take 3-5 days to begin to turn this illness around. So though he is not now showing any significant improvement, the good news is that he is not declining. Realistically we hope to see him begin to improve, perhaps, a couple days from now.
Meanwhile his spirits remain buoyant and those closest to him report that he is in good humor. We can be pleased and proud that he continues to fight the good fight at this stage. Your prayers and love are deeply appreciated.
* Those who wish to send him well wishes, please use his home address. (Above) Thank you!

Wednesday, 2 December, 11pm:

Jo Anne Peterson reported that Chuck is in good humor after she spoke with him earlier on Wednesday.


Wednesday, 2 December, 2pm:

Fr Chuck remains in Intensive Care, still receiving high-flow oxygen.
Please keep him in your prayers.
Thank you

Tuesday, 1 December, 2pm:

Fr Chuck Peterson was hospitalized on Monday, 30 November. That news has been shared widely. There is, of course, widespread concern for Chuck and it is fair to say that the network of all who love him is alive with fervent prayers for his healing.
In the interest of keeping up a flow of accurate information about his condition, I will use this website as well as the Parish FB page, so please feel free to check here and to share what you learn as this story develops. As soon as I learn more news that I can confirm I will post it here. The source of my information is the person who oversees the healthcare for all the Jesuits in our Province.

The Parish FB page is

What we know as of Noon, Tuesday, 1 December:
-Chuck is in Intensive Care.
-He is diagnosed with a severe case of Covid related pneumonia.
-He is receiving high-flow oxygen through a face-mask.
-The medications he is receiving include an anti-viral cocktail and a steroid. It might be a couple days before we know how effective that treatment will be.
-He is not in a coma.
-He is not communicative at this time.
I’ve been asked if he can receive text messages on his cell phone. At this time I don’t have a definitive answer, however I doubt that he has access to his cell phone for now. As soon I understand what, or how, he might be able to receive communications I will share that information.
Quyana for your love and prayers,
– Fr Mark
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